Custom is an e-commerce solution for small to medium-sized businesses that provides:

  • a web front-end for customers and Point-of-Sale staff to place orders and:

  • for warehouse staff to manage stock;

  • for Accounts and Sales staff to manage and generate orders and invoices;

  • for Purchasing Managers to keep track of suppliers and competitive pricing.

Custom presently consists of:

  • A collection of CGI web scripts, written in Python, to present Products, Sales Order Processing, Invoicing, Stock Control, Accounts and Catalogue Presentation.

  • An example web site front-end that is simple and obvious to use, in stark contrast to many over-busy sites today. With many e-commerce web sites the web site slows the customer's browser, not the internet connection.

  • A Back Office program that takes the load off the web server and performs real-time batch processing of Orders, Invoices, Printing and E-Commerce credit card verification.

  • Database classes that do not care what type of SQL database you use (with MySQL and MS-SQL 2000 presently supported).